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Digi Tech Privacy Statement

Digi Tech is committed to respecting your privacy and the confidentiality of your personal information, communications data and communications content and this Privacy Statement sets out what data Digi Tech collects and how we use and protect it. “Digi Tech” is Digi Tech Hong Kong based company, with its registered office at Hong Kong unit 1703,17/3 infintus plaza 199 Ses Voeux RD Centre, The Hong Kong, and is responsible for the data processing.


This Statement also forms a part of the Agreement between you and us for the use of the Digi Tech Services and Digi Tech Website, as explained in the Terms of Use. Capitalised terms used in this Privacy Statement are defined in the Terms of Use. By using the Digi Tech Services or the Website you consent to our using your data as explained in this Statement.
We may amend this Privacy Statement by posting a new version on the Website and/or notifying you in some other way as set out below.

1. What types of personal information does Digi Tech collect?

In connection with the provision of the Digi Tech Services (including the Digi Tech Free Services), Digi Tech may gather and process information about you, including the following types of information:

Your personal data including contact and registration details (name, User ID, address, telephone, mobile, email address etc.) and profile data (age, sex, pastimes, etc.);

your phonebook, names and addresses, lists of contacts;

login data including for Third Party Services accessible through the Digi Tech Services;

Network and technical data (IP addresses, network operator, Device ID data, Device operating system, cookies, etc.);

approximate location of your device (e.g., from the cell ID data of your mobile network or GPS services);

communications contents (e.g., calls, chats, IMs, files share

Communications data (e.g., the duration of the call, the number calling, the number called, etc.);

2. How and why does Digi Tech use your personal information?

Our reasons for collecting information relating to you or your Device are to enable Digi Tech(or sometimes other data processors selected by Digi Tech Apps) to provide the Digi Tech Services through the Digi Tech application or other applications provided by Digi Tech to you in an effective and satisfactory way, as follows:

processing your log-ins, messages and calls and enabling the other features of the Digi Tech Services;

showing your profile information on the Digi Tech Services: please note that your profile information is provided by you voluntarily and under your sole responsibility;

receiving payment from you for Digi Tech Paid Services, and sending you a receipt or communications regarding your purchases or orders;

providing you with customer support, responding to questions and helping to resolve problems;

informing you about service updates or problems;

resolving disputes;

verifying your identity;

for legal reasons, e.g., checking that you comply with the Terms of Use and Digi Tech policies, and preventing crime and fraud;

customizing, understanding users’ use of, and improving the Digi Tech Services

informing you of additional products, services and offers provided by Digi Tech.

3. Does Digi Tech transfer your personal information to anyone else?

Digi Tech does not sell, rent, trade or otherwise transfer any personal information, log-in information, communications data or communications content to any third party without your express permission (unless it is obliged to do so under applicable laws or by order of the competent authorities) except as set out in this Statement.
If any authority lawfully requests Digi Tech or one of Digi Tech’s partners to retain and provide personal information, communications content and/or communications or technical data, or permit monitoring or interception, Digi Tech and/or its partner may comply with that request without being obliged to inform you.

4. What items are placed on your device when using the Digi Tech services or apps

In order to use most of the Digi Tech Services, you will need to install the relevant software on your Device. This software enables you to make and receive communications using your mobile network or the internet and sends the necessary communications data, and other data that you define (e.g., profile or status updates, community log-in data) between your Device and the network.
In addition, for web-based Digi Tech Services, “cookies” may be used. Cookies are pieces of information stored on your Device in order to enable web-based applications to recognize who you are or your preferences (e.g., what language version of the Website you usually use) and provide Digi Tech with information about the use of its Websites).
Most internet browsers allow you to prevent your Device from accepting or using cookies or require your permission each time a cookie is received. Please note that some personalized Digi Tech Services may not be available if you choose to disable cookies.
Advertisements appearing on Digi Tech Services or Websites may be provided by Digi Tech’s advertising partners who may use cookies, web beacons, and/or other monitoring technologies to compile anonymous statistics. The information obtained in this way (e.g., how many times the Website is visited, how many times you see a particular advert) is used to deliver adverts to you. In addition, we may use profile information about you (e.g., your gender, age or pastimes) to provide advertisements that are more likely to be of interest to you, including by combining with other available information about you. We may share your information with advertisers or other third parties that assist us with these types of services, when we have either removed from it anything that personally identifies you, or encoded or combined it with other information so that it no longer personally identifies you.

5. Your user profile

Your user profile is the information you decide to provide when you create or manage your Digi Tech Services account (e.g., your user ID, full name, address, telephone numbers, gender, date of birth, language, status, and any other information that you decide to make available). Digi Tech stores your user profile centrally on a secure server. This information is not visible to other Digi Tech users. You control your user profile and decide what (if anything) to make public. You can access your user profile within the Digi Tech Services in order to access, change, correct, complete or remove information. Digi Tech may remove unsuitable or illegal material at any time from your profile or other postings in accordance with the Terms of Use.

6.Third party websites and platforms

Digi Tech Websites and Digi Tech Services may contain links that will let you access Third Party Services such as another website, platform or application. Third Party Services are outside control and not covered by this Privacy Statement. Digi Tech accepts no responsibility or liability for Third Party Services. You should take care before providing any personal information to anyone and in these cases especially to review the applicable privacy statements or policies.
Certain Digi Tech Services use the Google Places service provided by Google, Inc. When you use these services then you also agree to the Google Privacy Policy as set out at

Where Digi Tech provides the ability for you to log-in to Third Party Services using your Digi Tech account credentials (a feature known as “Digi Tech Connect”), then you will be asked to agree to this in each case. The particular information that those third parties will be able to access will be indicated at the time of asking for your agreement but will normally include items such as your Digi Tech ID, nickname, email, profile picture, friend list, personal message (status) and online/offline presence.
Remember that use of Third Party Services may in addition be subject to your signing up for an account with and accepting the terms and conditions of the relevant third party, including provisions relating to processing of personal data, which may differ from Digi Apps’s policies and for which Digi Tech is not responsible. You can view, manage and block the third party services that use your Digi Tech ID by logging into your Digi Tech profile at any time. If your Digi Tech friends sign up for third party services using Digi Tech Connect, then the information they share may include your Digi Tech ID so that they can also connect with you on the third party service.

7. How does Digi Tech protect your personal information?

Digi Tech takes appropriate organizational and technical measures to protect the personal information and communications data provided to them or collected by them. For example, your personal and communications data can only be accessed by authorized Digi Tech staff that need to have access to this data in order for their work.
Digi Tech takes technical measures to protect the confidentiality of the content of communications sent over the Digi Tech Services, subject to all applicable obligations and exceptions under applicable law.

8. Contacting You

Digi Tech may contact you to notify you of issues and faults with the Digi Tech Services, and if you are considered to have breached any of the terms of your Agreement with Digi Tech or if another person makes a complaint about your use of the Digi Tech Services (e.g., a claim that you have infringed their rights in some way).
Digi Tech may also use email, SMS or the Digi Tech Services to keep you up to date with news about the Digi Tech Services that you use and/or other Digi Tech Services unless you have opted out of receiving this information. If you do not want to be kept informed in this way, please contact Digi Tech at
Digi Tech may occasionally ask you to provide information on your experiences with the Digi Tech Services. Any such feedback will always be voluntary and will be used only for the purposes of measuring and improving the quality of the Digi Tech Services and Website and not stored as personal information or combined with any of your other personal information.

9. Can this privacy statement be changed?

Digi Tech reserves the right to modify this Privacy Statement at any time by notifying you by any reasonable means or by publishing the modified Privacy Statement at The modified Privacy Statement will become effective thirty days from such publication or notification, unless you expressly accept the modified Privacy Statement earlier. Such express acceptance by you, or your continued use of any Digi Tech Service after expiry of the notice period of thirty days, shall constitute your consent to the modified Privacy Statement.

10. What are your rights and how can you contact Digi Tech?

You have the right to access and, if necessary, to rectify your personal information. To exercise your right to view, correct, complete or remove your personal information, please contact Digi Tech at After verifying your identity and provided your request is legal, within a reasonable period of time Digi Tech will fulfil your request.
You may also ask Digi Tech to stop processing your personal information. However, please note that this will most likely prevent you from using some or all of the Digi Tech Services. You can exercise your right to prevent further processing of your personal information by contacting Digi Tech at


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